Op'Ra Dub Style

The world first combination of Opera, Gregorian and Electro / Dub music. It carries a message of unity, showing that differences between people and cultures can be a source of enrichment rather than division. Our backgrounds are completely different (one tenor and one classical guitarist, working together with Electro / Dub producers), but the past and present experience satisfy everyone. It is centered around musical experimentation, and performed by professional artists. It aims at pushing music to evolve in several ways: it marries operatic and gregorian vocals with electronic music, thus making Opera accessible to everyone. It shows how a good vocal technique and a particular way of writing operatic vocals melodies - can bring a powerful amount of energy into a song. Although music is very often linked to local cultures, AudioArt works in a very global and open-minded context.


„Is it the cutting edge of reggae or the bleeding edge of Opera?
Is it laying the groundwork for the first Dub/Reggae Opera? Many possibilities here.

This is truly a novel combination! Combining Gregorian chant in an opera style with dubreggae vibes.
Very VERY original!“